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Why choose rigsmedia?

30 day money back guarantee

Many web design companies offer similar services. But we guarantee you won't find one as committed to your success—and as willing as we are to go the extra mile for you to convert your visitors to customers. Our design program is designed as a win-win for you and your customers.

We have a 30 day guarantee, if you decide to cancel our services after seeing what we are doing for you and its not working out for you, for any reason. We'll refund all materials and funds. So really.. What do you have to lose?

What are the risks involved in ordering services with you?

  • Ordering with us is 100% risk-free. In the unprecedented case where you do not like our services, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • If you cancel our service within 30 days. Your money would be sent back to you without any deductions.

Will my company and credit card information be safe?

  • When you order services from us, the company information we need from you to create a profile for the design process is kept strictly confidential, we never share it with anyone under any circumstances. We do our billing through agencies like 2checkout.com for credit card payments or PayPal, that use highly secure 128 bit SSL encryption technology.
  • A 128-bit key size has around 3.4 x 1038 possible combinations. Even with the most powerful super computer, it would take 8.77 x 1017 years to test all possible combinations. So, to check every combination on this encryption it would take 876, 530, 835, 323, 573, 935 years.


Please contact us if you have any questions, no question is insignificant.

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