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"What we do"

Media Development

Our company offers professional custom web design, graphic design, multimedia, e-commerce, content management, advanced php programming and solutions.

We are digital services craftsmen and all our solutions are handcrafted for a specific purpose and client need. Our team is product design oriented and understand the combination of technology, business and design. Our clients range from small technology startups to a few of the biggest companies in the US.



We're not just after crafting beautiful designs, but a we have a passion for communicating with clarity.

This isn't just how our stuff looks, it's how it works. The only way to create the best experience is to combine a passion for clarity, a truckload of prototyping and obsessive attention to detail.

About Us

We are a Maine based Web Design Studio. rigsmedia was founded in July 2007. Since then we've completed 100s projects. We work with successful organizations and individuals who want to push the boundaries and achieve new things in the digital space and business.

"A path of constant bearing = Direction", ~Jeremy Adams

Whether you are a start-up company, established small business, or a Corporate business. We can build your business a finished product and have it produced in a short period of time, eCommerce for everyone fast and at a fair price.

Design and strategy

We use the following tools and tasks to help us help you,

  • Audit
  • Interview
  • Analytics
  • Brainstorming
  • Wireframing
  • Visual design
  • Documentation
  • Identity design
  • Icon design

Our team helps your team implement design ideas and concepts through a proven, flexible process. We can take your project from a rough idea to a successful, completed product.

We will join your team and help you work smarter, making your project management as painless as possible. Maximum Collaboration to help your business perform at its best in a highly competitive online market.

In the end we want to make you and your customers happy.

How To Contact Us

Please use our online form for fastest service or replies.

We are located in Bangor, Maine about, 30 seconds from Interstate I-95. Our business is conveniently conducted on the world wide web.

Snail mail, should be sent to:

Mailing address:

rigsmedia, maine studio
18 Linden Street
Bangor, ME 04401